How We Work

Lets remove the Hassle

Looking for a new vehicle, but don't know where to start, lets do it together.We offer a totally personal service, whether you are purchasing a vehicle for yourself or your business, we will come out to see you, identify exactly your needs and budget, put together a bespoke quotation of vehicles and finance options for you to peruse.
We will answer all your questions, professionally and honestly.
We will organise your finance, explain in detail all the documentation and exactly what you are signing for.

Selling or Part Exchange

We can take your current vehicle in Part Exchange, or we can help sell your vehicle for you in order to try and maximise the amount you can get for it  without trying to sell it privately.

We will carry out a full valuation of your vehicle, and give you advice as to the best way to dispose of the vehicle either in Part Exchange or allowing us to sell it on your behalf.

We will always ensure you get a fair market value price for your car.


Do you want to reduce the monthly payments on your current vehicle, if so, we can help.We can help to refinance your current vehicle and reduce your monthly payments, its a simple and straight forward process - contact us for more information.  We are happy to help in anyway we can.